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So we have this YouTube channel I started eighteen months ago. The original idea was to make helpful videos with links that can be clicked on. We help viewers, then they buy our stuff. However it didn’t really work.


Another one of my classic business mistakes! I believed that by selling batteries on-line I could make some money, but let’s think about this. The postage and packing alone is nearly £1-00, then there were the transaction fees through Paypal and finally tax. It wasn’t worth it, some times we’d make a loss and after 15 years in business, I’m embarrased to admit this.

However, the beauty of not having a boss is that I can do just that, start a project and try it and no-one can stop me. In fact I’ve started so many of these now, I’m not sure what I’d do without them. Every now and then, we make some money!

Starting a YouTube channel was an excellent idea. I love making the videos, I’m getting questions and emails from all over the world and it’s opened up a whole new world for me. The only thing missing now is my email that I’m waiting for.

Ten weeks ago I decided to monetise the site, to make money from adverts. I wasn’t sure about it, but decided that people need the info and any money we earn from it may help me with new projects.  So I applied to join the YouTube Partner programme. They accepted me, but they’re still reviewing the channel to see if I can had adverts, and it’s killing me! We’re due to hear at the end of January……


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