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I was right to feel stressed with our new software. Last week I wrote about how using the new software made me feel under pressure. My heart pounding, my feeling out of control. Well, just a week on, the software has bitten us and we have a dead van. I’d heard about the problems it can cause and chose to be brave, but this is what brave feels like.


I always believed that brave was summoning up courage, ignoring the ‘fight or flight’ impulse and doing it anyway. These feelings describe the run-up, sure. However, the aftermath of brave is where we are today. A van that was working, which is now dead, cannot be driven and will need money spent on it.

The impulse is to look for someone to blame. The software, the van, Simon, who was programming the key. However, thankfully I feel remarkably calm, now I feel brave. Today is going to be tough, with some awkward decisions and how we behave when it all goes wrong, will say so much more than 1000 good days.

This has happened before, it will again. This will happen to you. How you deal with it will define your business. For us it’s a dead van. For you it will be something different, but we’re here because we were brave, now we must bravely sort it out, take the flak, spend the money, feel vulnerable. Watch this space.

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