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So, my daughter is twenty this week. It’s unbelievable that somehow, she has turned from an utterly dependant baby, into a London undergraduate, living away and making her own decisions. This made me realise that I now have a teenage business, and it’s having growing pains. Let me explain.

Teenage Business

One of the reasons I left the RAF was the kids. My daughter was six and my son just two when I left the safety of regular money and relative security. Fourteen years on and it’s made me realise that the business has changed from a demanding toddler, into a teenage business that is finding out just who it is.

My Teenage Business

This week, I’ve been pulled in a number of directions, from both old and new customers. Some are my oldest and most loyal, those that have given me work from the very early days. These expect and deserve a certain respect and they are a priority to me. Balance this with newer customers, that are promising exciting opportunities, and I’ve needed to make a few tough decisions.  Who do we make a priority? What rate we charge for our services for these new customers?  This teenage business is finding it’s way, and there’s been some growing pains!



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