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We all have money, and we need somewhere to take care of it. In the good old days, if you wanted a job for life, where better way than a safe job in a bank?

Yesterday, RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) shocked the market announcing it was shutting branches. Alot of branches.

Basically, it’s’ our fault. We’re not using the branches, we’re banking on-line, it’s time to cut out the waste and downsize. Gone is the safe job in the bank.

How will it feel for any bank teller in any bank now? To know that in one day, nearly two hundred branches and eight hundred staff are no longer needed. Will this catch on? Are more closures on their way?

Many of these bank staff will have years of experience. The problem is who will employ them? Will there be another bank to go to? I doubt it.

Planning where to spend our post forces days is getting harder. The ‘job for life’ days are almost over. The skills we need as we leave are no longer just an approved course. As we move our lives on-line, a whole job sector dies. If we choose to work in retail (as I do), we should all be ready for the change that’s coming.



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