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Most of us agree, it’s socially unacceptable for anyone to drink and drive. Quite rightly, this disregard for the law, provokes damnation from most of us. Had it been Jeremy Clarkson, Katie Hopkins, or worse still, most politicians or premier footballers, we’d be cursing them. Overpaid and underworked, any drink driver deserves the full punishment of the law. The problem is, he’s likeĀ  family.

This week, Ant McPartlin, from the duo ‘Ant and Dec’, very publicly crashed out of his TV career . With that bad decision to drive his car, he’s become the nations most-loved, drink driver. Although we knew he’d been in rehab and struggling with some issues, things have reached a new low for him.

There’s real confliction here. On the one hand we hate what he’s done. What if he’d killed or seriously injured someone, or knocked a child down? On the other hand, we want to protect him from the fallout that’s coming. Just as other public drunks before him, will his fall from grace become his legacy? Is he destined for a life of magazine front covers andĀ  tabloid headlines? ‘Such a shame, he was such a lovely lad’

Amazingly, social media has turned on the the papers that have printed the story and photos of his crash, and is full of people protecting him.

‘People don’t understand what it’s like, the hard life he’s had, the pressure he’s under’.

He’s become our close family, we’ve eaten tea on a saturday night with him, camped out in the jungle to hear his and Dec’s magic. He’s someone who’ll we’ll excuse for bad behavior. Ok, so he likes a few drinks, who doesn’t? Ok, so he’s a drink driver…ok,…that’s awkward.





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