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Solving problems is good business. This might be an emergency (Help…I put a nail through a pipe and water is pouring through roof). Or it’s normally a basic, routine problem, such as a car key battery needs changing. Just this week, our plumber problem was solved, and the water was fixed, let me explain.

We’ve been in our house for ten years, and it’s seen its fair share of plumbers. There was Dave, the family friend. I’ll do it cheap (but not show up). Then there was Bill, who came to sort out the problem Dave had caused. He insisted in showing us every part of the toilet system, very much into his work.Next please.

Then to sort this plumber problem came John. We did some locks for him, so it only seemed fair to offer him our next job that needed fixing. Well, it was still the job that Dave did at the very beginning, still not right and he told us all about it…

‘Blimey mate, who’s been in here? This should be a five- minute job.They done it all wrong. This isn’t meant to be here, it’s supposed to go there. Left handed, it should be right handed. What size pipe? No-one uses that for this job.

It went on and on. Like we’d failed to vet Dave, interview him, to check on his plumbing skills first, silly us. By the time he left the toilet flushed, but we still had a plumber problem. John had made us feel thoroughly stupid.

So, it’s no wonder that, when our hot water started to play up, I put off getting it fixed. Just the thought of another plumber in the house filled me with dread. This is a problem.

We need a another plumber.

Fortunately, my website man is part of a networking group and they’re always after tradesmen that leave a good impression, so here goes. I booked someone from his company to come out.

For a start, this smart, young man turned up, on time. Firstly, he listened to the problem, asked a few simple questions, and then just got on. He didn’t moan about the pipework, or the cowboy who’d been there before him.

He didn’t even scratch his backside, moan about the last job and how much work he had on.

‘You’re lucky to get me here mate’ wasn’t spoken.

He just fixed it, drunk his tea quick and was gone. It wouldn’t have mattered on the price, I was so impressed that he’s now in my phonebook.

This is what we should all strive for, this is the impression we all need to leave when people call us to solve their problem.

So impressed, I can leak water with confidence.  We no longer have a plumber problem.



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