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This week I planned Friday off. It’s not easy when you own the business, but I had a train to catch with family, to see my daughter in London. It’s a big deal and so instead of doing half a day and stressing about making the train, I booked my day off.

But I still had to nip in to work to do the banking, and do a handover to Simon my employee. Five mins max. Then I get my day off

  • But phone rang
  • Then a walk-in, a delivery, another walk-in and a problem.
  • The car key won’t programme.
  • The computer password is locked.
  • The parts are wrong.
  • Another walk-in!

This is my day off!

Then a customer who knows my wife (so I should give them some special attention) arrives (even though I’m not at work). So now I can’t dash off, and I’m struggling because the car is faulty,  and the key won’t programme. This should be a simple job.

Another phone call.
Another walk-in.
Time is ticking and I can’t sort this flipping key out.

Eventually my calm exterior must be cracking when I’m asked ‘you struggling?’

‘Well I’m not supposed to be here, it’s my day off..’maybe unprofessional but there, I said it.

‘If it were my day off, I’d just switch the phone off mate’….

Great advice  (bearing in mind I’m trying to actually fix your car)
Did I think that, or say it aloud?

It’s not easy when you’re the boss. It’s hard to say no, when, you want it all to go right. Sometimes the pull from home and customers feels like it will split me in two. How much easier just to have a clone of me!

So I deal with the walk-ins
and I deal with problems

and then a couple of hours later it’s all quiet.

I know Simon can cope
The backlog is clear.
So now I can go home now.

After all, this is my day off.

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