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Steve Jobs did it. Elon Musk is doing it. Deliveroo were trying it this very weekend. Are you brave enough to be making tracks in the snow?

making tracks in the snow

Before venturing out, after a heavy snowfall, we’d be stupid not to check the roads first. Is it safe to drive? Are others driving on the roads? What are other people doing? Surely if they’re doing it, then we should be able to.

But are we be brave enough, or stupid enough to be first out in the snow? Are we brave enough to do something with our business that others aren’t doing?

For most of us, we’d rather follow the tracks of others, this makes perfect sense. It’s safer, we have the previous tyre tracks as a guide and we can see they’ve made it safely.  There are no wrecked cars, littering the hedgerows or side streets, we’re in safe mode, there’s little risk.

But as a business start-up, we have no choice whether or to be first out. When you take your first call from a customer, when you meet them in person. When you write out your first invoice and when you agree to do the thing you simply don’t know how to do, then you’re first out in the snow. You can read about how to do it, you can plan how you’re going to do it, but eventually, to get anywhere you haven’t been, you have to just set off, making tracks in the snow.

Leaving the forces and starting a business gives us a unique chance to do this. To start something great and to make a difference with the skills we have. The question is, while you’re making plans for your future, are you going to making tracks in the snow?


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