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After yesterdays failure, today was affirmation we’re truly able to make a difference to a customer. If you’re thinking about starting up, or wondering why anyone would want a business, for me, this is the reason.

Today, after a week of family sickness, missed meetings, delayed plans and frustration, it was enough just to matter to one customer. Our customer phoned us and I knew she was at her wits end. Her son, who had a challenging illness, had lost his car keys, amongst other things. She was completely out of her depth. Unfortuantely, parenthood doesn’t prepare you for everything, and she didn’t know who to turn to.

She’d gone directly to the main agent, who asked her lots of things she didn’t understand. However what she really wanted to be asked was..

“How can we make your problem go away?”

“In a perfect world, when do you need this problem fixing by?”

“what can we do to make your life better”

These are the questions, we all want to hear, in any disaster. It may be that, just like the main dealer told her, she does have a complicated problem. But the fact we asked what she needed, and listened, meant we got the chance to explain the problems and the challenges she faced. It showed we were listening, that we cared. She understood that we were on her side. So we fixed her problem, we made her life better.

We’re clearly not in the car keys business. Nor even are we in the car key programming business. We’re in the problem solving business, the listening business and of course, how to make a difference to a customer business.

This is why I love being self-employed. We get the chance, to make a difference.


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