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For anyone that’s lived in Lincoln for a while, it’s obvious there have been big changes. Once a small, historic city, traditionally run by the church, we’re now in the teenage phase as we aspire to be a branded metropolis. Cosy Club, Flying Tiger, Wildwood and Everyman cinema are all signs that Lincoln’s gone upmarket.

Talk to the locals and opinion is divided. Our city’s changing at such a rate, some say it’s becoming obese. It’s as if we’ve arrived at an all inclusive holiday, consuming every possible dish, or brand, we can. Our outer shell still has the historic Roman features in place, tucked away in the quiet upper quater. However down below, Lincoln’s belly is expanding beyond recognition.  We’re being fed these new brands, many we’ve never even heard of.

There are losers.

It may be a small, down market shop that sells cheap outfits, but Bon Marche has to move. The news tells us, it’s making way for the new brands. Of course,  I never go into Bon March, it holds no appeal for me. But it’s a popular cut price shop and the word on the ground is it simply doesn’t fit in with it’s posh new neighbours. Now that Lincoln’s gone upmarket, let’s hope the good times roll on and we all have money to feed the posh new development. When the the next recession comes, in the next 2-3 years, Bon Marche, just like Primark,  will still be selling cut price outfits, But will we really need random plastic tat from Copenhagen, or overpriced, faceless pizza?

Let’s wait and see.



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