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I didn’t do anything wrong. I had no part in the thing I got told off for this morning. In fact no-one from our company had any contact with the person that gave me a tongue lashing this morning. But still all it’s all my fault.

“If you’re the company that promised to come out but didn’t turn up, you should be ashamed, leaving my wife stranded…”

As the business owner, sometimes things happen that don’t seem fair. Take todays example. Last night, early evening, we were sent two messages from our call handling company. This is a company we pay every month to answer the phone,  when we can’t get to it. We use it instead of using an answering machine. After leaving at work at half five, we divert the phone to them. This is so people in need of a friendly voice, feel they’ve talked to someone. Afterall, answer machine suck.

So last night we were sent two messages. The prospective customer was calling from two hundred miles away because his wife was stranded. She’d lost her keys fairly locally to us. It was cold, and raining and she needed help. We’d never have driven out that late to take this job on, however we would normally call back.  We’d normally give our apologies and then they would’ve known we couldn’t help. However, last night I came home feeling exhausted. I’d been up all night before with an illness, and struggled through the day, waiting for the day to end so I could get into my bed. I should have checked my messages but I was asleep.

So when I saw the messages this morning I called as soon as I could, but was torn off a strip. My initial thoughts were that the call handling service promised we’d attend the night before,  so I called them asking for the transcripts of the call. Would I like what I heard?

Well, it turned out that they didn’t ever agree for anyone to come out, the customer had asked for that, but all they said was, “we’d call them”. Our crime had grown in the customers memory so much in the night, that by the next morning, we’d promised to come, and then stood them up. They were so upset that I was sworn at.


Nevertheless, it’s all my fault. Afterall, I hired the call answering service. I advertised our company as a call-out service and I am the boss. Whether we did anything wrong or not, as far as the customer is concerned, they needed someone to blame, and its all my fault.

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