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There are days when it all goes wrong. As a business owner it’s easy to feel that there’s a conspiracy. Job after job has problems, you’re not getting paid and its eating up your time. It’s easy to have a day where nothing went to plan.

However, when we have a day where it all goes right, how often do we stop and think how good it feels?

This Saturday was one of those days. Customers came, they were chatty and grateful. Everything worked and we earned some money. It all want to plan, a blueprint for a good day.

As I pulled down the roller shutter and set the answer machine, I took a minute to be grateful. We can take sucess for granted, but when it happens we should enjoy the small moments as much as we can.

When you’re planning your new business and you get a win, celebrate. Go for a drink, meal, or maybe just a run. Share the news with your partner so they don’t just hear the bad news!

Enjoy, it all went to plan.



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