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I’m full of respect for so many women and think International Womens day is a great idea. My wife is amazing, she packs so much into one day and keeps everything in the house going. I really admire several local female entrepreneurs that juggle business with the pressures of running a home. I also know that many of the figures helping me grow my business are women. These are accountants, company reps and marketers.

But I can’t believe how many emails, tweets and Facebook posts I’ve seen, by companies that are using today as an excuse to send out a 30% percent discount voucher. Or maybe a ‘one day only 2 for 1′ on womens products.

Come on, this is a least overkill, at best just embarrasing. Do we really need to hijack today in order to try and increase sales? I’ve noted whos’ sent me the tacky emails, please, don’t do it again. If we want to celebrate this day, fantastic. use a company page to praise the leaders in the company. Or, if your a business, Use your page to celebrate local women who’ve made a difference locally. But please don’t use it to send me an Etsy discount voucher, honouring gullable shoppers all around the world….

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