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So I survived the radio interview. Harry, the reporter arrived without crew, just an iphone, plus a special mic attachment. I can see how people forget about the cameras on reality TV shows, simply because within a short time, I was singing like a Canary.

Ironically, just a few months ago I’d emailed the local BBC office about the very subject they talked to me about. Even after some targeted emails, I didn’t even get a reply. However, a few months of internet posting and they called me about the very same thing.

I didn’t listen out for the radio show, simply because of the cringe factor. I know it’s normal for us to feel awkward when hearing our voice, but I chose to give it a miss this time. It’s a bit like my YouTube videos. I love making them, but don’t show them around at all to family.

So that’s’ me. Off to make another, and prepare it for release on Friday morning.

I’m off to my trailer…

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