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We’re at the point in our lives where we visit London every month. I love these visits, especially as we get to see my eldest, however I’m pleased to be leaving at the end of the day.

This trip came with some quality book shop action. As I grow older, the bookshop attracts me more and more. This particular shop is vast, with an impressive business section and a coffee shop. Unfortunately it’s less than welcoming.

The cafe is cold, due to heavy footfall and resembles a basement that’s been quickly cleared of junk. This I can bear, seeing as I spend most of the time in a new book. However, the staff are as cold, vacant and impersonal, as if drafted from something they loved at short notice.

What really catches my eye is the noticeboard plea to ‘follow us on Instagram’. Why? I look at the page, and there’s coffee and books, and sometimes coffee and books. The 1960’s foam ceiling tiles, along with the vacant expressions, are missing. This tells me the following

We can project whatever we want onto Instagram. This observation isn’t new, but to experience this first hand is a wake-up call . The difference between the Instagram filters and reality, is the most marked I’ve experienced, and I don’t recognise this cafe on social media. Is there a between the creator and the staff ? have they seen the page? Does the page creator visit anymore?

What does my business page say about me, untouched for months. does that mean I no longer care?


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