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Something is happening in Lincoln, maybe around the UK. Today we had further news from the high street that another big name is in trouble. Carpetright, one of the UKs biggest carpet chains is in trouble. It’s been on the cards for a while, and now the mountain of debt has caught up with them. It also seems we have a taste for chocolate, instead of Carpets.

Lincoln is an up and coming city. In a short time, many of the leading brands are opening up here, and with good reason. Firstly there’s the massive investment in the university and the associated technology park. Next, Lincolnshire is the fastest growing county in the UK, property rich southerners are selling up and snapping up bargains throughout the county. So cash is pouring in.

So why are traditional shops such as Carpetright struggling and closing stores? A victim of our change in habits?

The BBC reported last week that the frequency we move house has cut down by a half. We’re staying put, extending our houses instead of moving, and so I’m guessing we just need less carpet in our lives.

However, the good things in life, we still send our money on, including chocolate.


Hotel Chocolat is on it’s way. Despite the closure of Toys R us, Maplin, and now Carpetright, it seems we have spare cash for finest chocolate. This luxury brand is opening soon, and it seems our taste in Lincoln is changing. How long will it last ? Lets wait and see.

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