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They say we’re living in good times. The news from America and Europe is that unemployment is down and the long-awaited wage growth is starting. As well as this, despite the recent correction, stockmarkets around the world have undergone an upward surge.

The problem is that here in Lincoln, the local news doesn’t tell any good times. Every week, outdated and overpriced shops and restaurants are announcing that they’re  in trouble.

good times

This week it was the turn of Toys’r’Us and Maplin. Both announced they’re in adminstration with little hope of a buyer. On top of this, the group that own  Prezzo announce it’s closing over 90 restaurants as well as all branches of Chimichanga. This is no suprise, (simply because the Mexican food was overpriced and the service poor). We went there once, but didn’t go back, there were no good times for us!

Likewise, a visit to our local Toys’r’Us wasn’t fun. Bereft of customers and staff, there was no-one about to help, and no reason to return.

Maybe everything is good, but we’re just tired of mediocre. Maybe, because we now have so much choice, the shops that can’t do something remarkable will be leaving the high street for good. This makes me think about our business. Why do people come to us and more importantly, do we give them a good reason to come back?


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