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Well there’s no CVA mentioned, but at long last, Marks and Spencer join the long list of companies leaving the high st.

I’m normally on the business news throughout the day, but missed the announcement this week. But as I cut a key at a local garage, while chatting to the garage owner, his wife broke into our our small talk with the big news.

‘Marks and Spencer eh, closing a hundred stores!’ She was really shocked, it was the beginning of the end for all of us.

Once again, this is a brand, steeped in history, that’s struggling with where it is, and who it is. Want some unusual Christmas stuffing, or some black court shoes for work? Marks and Spencer is where you want to be. However, what elseĀ  grabs you and pulls you in? I can’t think of much.

As the 2018 Retail cull continues, it’s clear now no-one is immune. Shops near to empty, drab interiors, uninspiring displays. Whoever’s getting our money these days, the experience is either amazing entertainment, or a faceless, on-line retail transaction. It doesn’t matter that Amazon’s experience isn’t exciting, they just need to have it and fullfill on the promise. They do, so we all keep returning to their site.

This sharpens my mind, making me think about our quiet times, and how I can make our shop something people remember.

How can I make us the one that they think of when they’re deciding who to give their precious money too?


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