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Leaving The Forces

It’s a strange feeling knowing that everything is going to change. What you earn, where you go to work, maybe even where you live. When you start the resettlement process, there will be a lot of talk about preparing for change. Although it’s true, and the advice is well meant, it’s important to think about the good things you’ll experience leaving the forces….

My Day Off, at Work

This week I planned Friday off. It’s not easy when you own the business I had a train to catch with family to see my daughter in London. It’s a big deal and so instead of doing half a day and stressing about getting the train, I booked the day off. I was looking forward to my day off….


My Teenage Business

So, my daughter is twenty this week. It’s unbelievable that somehow, she’s turned from an utterly dependant baby into a London undergraduate, living away and making her own decisions. This made me realise that I have a teenage business, and it’s having growing pains. Let me explain… 

Drop Me a Line

If you’re going through resettlement and have any questions, please get in touch.